Designs For Humans

Before becoming a UX designer, I solved customer problems in different roles for years, but many of those problems could have been avoided with an easy, logical UX with the right information in the right place. I changed careers so I could better understand, anticipate and design for people’s needs.

Nikki D Lopez ~ UX Designer

My Work

Block Chain
Social Media Amplification

Redesigning Skin Tracking

Improving UX
For Online Travel Booking

My Design Philosophy

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Good design is beauty through functionality. I follow the principles of design thinking utilizing my vast start up experience to fuel my diverse designs.

  1. Empathize – Listen to the User
    Functionality meets beauty when things work for users. It takes listening, learning, and research for understanding.
  2. Define – Turn needs & pain points into insightful actions  
    Listening is more than hearing and requires compression. My client facing experience allows me to interpret the needs of users and the business needs of my client.
  3. Ideate – Turn your research into innovative designs
    By challenging my own perspectives and working with stakeholders and team members, we create and collaborate to get the right product to build out.
  4. Prototype – Realizing an Idea
    I build flexibility into the core design to facilitate additional and different requirements from diverse user sets. Attention to detail seeks to provide that “finished product like” user experience. An automated / easily accessible method of capturing and user experiences and insights should be part of this prototype.
  5. Testing
    Functionality, ease of use, and other potential issues are identified and documented by user testing.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 & 5 (if needed)
    Incorporate solutions for issues found in testing to Prototype and Test again.